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The chambers “Thermix-K” of cold-smoking and maturation

Камеры для холодного копченияThe chambers “Thermix-K” of cold-smoking and maturation

The implementation areas of the units “Thermix-K” are the meat and fish processing enterprises. Besides the standart completing units, the chambers are equipped with cold-producing units and stainless steel evaporators, which allow to produce the products both by means of hot smoking, and to smoke products by  means of cold smoke.

When producing raw cured and uncooked smoked sausages, the chambers for the primary maturation and smoking are used. This units are well-proven also at the fish shops. The intensive smoke produces good color and wonderful taste of the fish delicacies.

The chambers “thermix-k” of cold-smoking and maturation

There exists also a production of the chambers for cold smoking with a horizontal blowing system for the issue of products on grids (layers of salmon, anchovy, sprat, etc.)

All processes are fully automated. The sawdust smoke generator is equipped with a 3-stage protection against ignition and the supplied smke temperature control system.The temperature range of the “Thermix-K” units  is + -15 + - 100 °C

The chambers for cold smoking and maturation are available with the load up to 5 trolleys


Technical specifacations of the chamber of cold-smoking and maturation:


Dimensional specifications, mm
width, height, depth

Number of wagons


Electric power, kW

In the cold power, kW

Conditional loading



Thermix 400К







Thermix 600К







Thermix 800К








Features of the production of cold and hot smoked fish in the thermal chambers series “Thermix”

For the production of cold-smoked fish the thermal chambers "Thermix" are additionally equipped with an evaporator installed between the arch and the diaphragm (the ceiling), and the cool-produced unit.

The process of cold-smoking goes at a temperature in the range from 15 to 28 ° C. The duration of the production of cold-smoked mackerel amounts to 5 hours, among them: smoking – 3,5-4 hours, the duration of the production of capelin amounts to  5-6 hours, among them: smoking – 3-4 hours. Humidity control in the chamber and the temperature in the product allows to obtain low % of  losses of the finished product.

Fish production process of hot-smoking lasts for 2-2,5 hours, depending on the load: the duration of smoking is 30 minutes.

We invite you to watch a promotional video about Techinserv equipment designed for the production of smoked and dried fish and seafood.


The video has subtitles in English and Polish.