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Drying installations

Drying installations for the production of fish, fillets, balyk, dried fish, meat and fish snacks, chips, sticks, etc. with horizontal airflow.

We offer modular dryers assembled from sandwich panels for the customer's premises and for the required quantity of finished products (from 4 to 12 sections). One section provides processing of products on one 20-tier trolley, with loading from 100 to 400 kg, depending on the type of products. The temperature range of treatment is 0-99 ° C; the range of regulated humidity is 12 ÷ 100%, which makes it possible to realize practically any technological algorithms and receive products with the necessary parameters.


Drying plants can produce a variety of balyks with a specified percentage of moisture, strata with a weathered crust, stale fish, dried fish, chips, meat and fish snacks. And the latter can be produced both from wet-salted raw materials, and from ready-made, for example, pre-cooked fish (especially they are popular from blue whiting).

The power density of one section can vary according to technological tasks and make up to 20 kW for heating and 6 kW for cold (electric power 2.5 kW) plus an electric motor with a power of 4 - 9 kW. But this energy consumption is not always necessary. Constantly used only intensive blowing products with a periodic reverse by 180 ° for an even removal of moisture. The reverse is carried out with the help of powerful valves with pneumatic drive.

In the production of snacks from wet-salted raw materials, a special press is used to pre-remove moisture. It can be supplied as a complete set with a camera, or separately.

In accordance with technological tasks, the camera may not be equipped with a refrigeration unit and evaporators, which significantly reduces the cost of equipment.

Selection of equipment is made in each specific case, depending on the requirements of the Customer.