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The juice evaporator

The juice evaporator.


The juice evaporator is designed to obtain juice from berries and fruits, when exposed to steam with a temperature of 60 - 70 0C. The juice from the  juicer is pasteurized and does not need further heat  treatment. It is enough to cork clean, steamed cans of  hot juice.



- Loading volume - 30/50kg,
- Material - stainless steel,
- Thickness - 1.5 mm,
- Maximum el. Power - 3 kW



- lid,
- loading container
- juice container
- steam generator container
- Control block.

Principle of operation:

Water is poured into the steam generator tank, which is heated to the boiling point. A container for juice and a loading container, into which fruits are poured, are installed on the container of the steam generator. The juice drain valve must be closed.
In the process of juicing, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the steam generator tank.