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Machine for cold smoking fish with horizontal airflow

Установка для холодного копчения рыбы с горизонтальным обдувомMachine  for cold smoking of fish with horizontal blasting

The power supply of the plant is carried out from a three-phase alternating current network with a voltage of 380 V (plus 10%, minus 15%) and a frequency (50 ± 1) Hz.

The range of air temperature regulation at the location of the trolleys is 12 ... 30 оС.

Uneven distribution of temperatures in the working volume of the climatic chamber does not exceed ± 3 оС.

The range of relative air humidity control at the location of the bogies is 60 ... 98%.

The operating pressure of water in the hydraulic line of the installation is 0.2 ... 0.3 MPa.

The operating air pressure in the pneumatic pipeline of the installation is 0,4 ... 0,6 MPa.

The units are operable at a supply voltage of 323 ... 418 V.

The units are operable in the range of ambient temperatures of 10 ... 30 оС.

The units are operable in the range of relative humidity of the ambient air of 20 ... 90%.

The units are operable under the influence of sinusoidal vibrations and correspond to group N2 in accordance with GOST 12997





Overall dimensions of the installation (no more):

Width (on the front) - 1650 mm;
Height - 2920 mm;
Length - 5600 mm.

The overall dimensions of the control cabinet with built-in controller are not more than 510х1600х540 mm.

The weight of the control cabinet with built-in controller is not more than 50 kg.

Cold storage capacity - 24 kW

The power of the fan motors is 15 kW (7.5 kW * 2)

The consumption of natural gas for units of execution G is not more than 5 m3 / h, the pressure is not less than 2 kPa.

The steam consumption for installations of execution П is not less than 70 kg / h, pressure - 0,4 ... 0,6 MPa.

Controller "Polytherm - 24", has the following technical characteristics:

Number of programs - 40;
The maximum number of program steps is 30;
The maximum number of processes is 40;
The maximum duration of one step of the program is 99 hours 59 minutes;
The number of digital inputs is 4;
The number of relay outputs is 24.