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Producing of dry flake ice


When processing meat, ice is used in such processes:
• for minced meat cooling in the process of cuttering in the production of boiled sausage;
• for cooling brine in the manufacture of hams;
• for cooling carcasses and by-products after slaughter, eg in the processing of poultry, skins, entrails.

Ground meat preparation is one of the most important processes in the production of boiled sausages. Here, the cuttering process is usually used, which is the most problematic, because in the process of ground meat preparation, fine grinding of meat causes it to heat up. The temperature of the mass can rise so much that the proteins contained in the ground meat can coagulate already in the first minutes of chopping. The technological solution in this case is the use of ice.


The technological solution in this case is the use of ice. But not every ice is good. In the production of boiled sausages exactly the flake ice is added to the cutter bowl, because due to the thickness of 1-1.5 mm it has minimal effect on cutter knives. Ice prevents temperature rise, thereby reducing the rate of development of microflora. Also addition of the flake ice partially or completely solves the problem providing ground meat with technological moisture.


Flake ice is also used in the preparation of various mixtures for injection, chopped semi-finished products, technological additives based on soy and animal protein.


What is flake ice and how is it produced? The ice maker, like any refrigeration unit, incorporates an evaporator, which is cooled by boiling Freon in it. The only difference is that the ice generator evaporator is not a honeycomb structure with a large number of thin tubes, but an aluminum pipe with a diameter of 200-400 mm (depending on performance), inside which Freon evaporates in spiral grooves in the polymer structure. The evaporator drum is partially placed in a container with water, so ice forms on its surface, which is chipped off with a knife. Chips in the form of scales of various shapes and sizes are poured into a bunker or into any other container. Flake ice has a temperature of -7 ... -8 ° C, which allows it not to melt for a long time.


Industrial ice makers have a daily capacity of 120 to 12000 kg/day. According to the laws of physics, the formation of cold in a refrigeration machine (evaporator) is simultaneously accompanied by the formation of a large amount of heat (freon condenser). Therefore, powerful ice makers are made in the form of separate units (split systems), the outdoor unit is installed outdoors, so the heat is dissipated into the atmosphere.


But the main type of ice maker (in terms of productivity up to 3000 kg per day) still remains a monoblock. It is a compact, small-sized unit, often equipped with various thermally insulated ice bins, carts, etc., and is reliable and quiet.


A modern ice maker is a smart machine that controls the temperature and level of water in the bath, the thickness of the ice, the operating parameters of the refrigeration unit, and has the function of automatically draining the water after work.

Many companies offer equipment for the production of flake ice. But, as they say, the pioneers, as well as in general in the segment of meat processing equipment, were and are German companies - Higel, Maja, Nock.


Almost the only manufacturer of flake ice generators in Ukraine is Techinserv LLC. Our company is engaged in SKD assembly of units from Higel components (evaporator drum, sealing unit, knife, gear motor) using Italian Frascold refrigeration machines and cases of our own production. You can, of course, look for used ice makers on the market, but, like any machine, they have a certain service life (evaporator drums wear out - and these are quite expensive parts).

Flake ice will continue to be a popular ingredient in sausage production. The popularity of chilled products that have not been frozen will continue to increase the need for quality and reliable ice making equipment.


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