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About us

28 years on the Ukrainian market

Research and Development Enterprise “TECHINSERV” LLC many years ago and seriously has established itself in the market of equipment for food industry. The firm was established in 1991 as an enterprise for the development and production of electronic measuring and control equipment for various processes during processing of agriculture products. And today the temperature and humidity controllers are working properly at many meat processing factories, pasta workshops, butter and cheese production facilities, etc.

As the company developed, the production capacity grew and the complete cycle of development and production of the fully finished units for food processing was launched.

“Techinserv” LLC represents today a plant for production of food processing industry equipment with its own plant areas, a serious machine tool population and a powerful construction department. Continued participation in specialized exhibitions allows not only to keep pace with the times, but also to stay ahead of the curve introducing new interesting developments and design solutions in the equipment.

The firm "Techinserv" provides comprehensive maintenance service in relation to the equipment supplied and provides spare parts supply. Operational commissioning of the units always ends up with the production of trial batches of sausages or other products. The training seminars in various regions of Ukraine are constantly held by the specialists of “Techinserv” with the purpose to explain the intricacies of heat treatment processes and teach the personnel of sausage and other food enterprises. This allows the manufacturers to
produce high-quality and always delicious products with minimal losses.
Research and Development Enterprise “Techinserv” LLC in its 30 has both feet on the floor and looks to the future with confidence.


Our advantages:

- Own production;

- The minimum terms of manufacturing;

- Individual approach;

- PRICE (uniquely lower than imported analogues / flexible system of discounts);

- Guarantee for the whole range of equipment;

- Commissioning;

- Service and post-warranty service;

- Availability of components and spare parts.

To cooperate with us is always an efficient, convenient and profitable business.