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Climate plants for primary ripening and smoking

Climatic units for the initial maturation and smoking
Climatherm ( from 4 to 24 sausage trolleys)

The cameras are made of modern sandwich panels with thickness of 80 mm with stainless inner walls, steel  AISI 304. It is also possible to place the equipment for initial maturation and smoking in the premises of the Customer, in this case Climatherm can be fully adapted to the local conditions.

The climatic units for the initial maturation and smoking maintain at a temperature of from +12 to 28 ° C; Humidity is from 65 to 98%; the air flow rate amounts to from 0,2 to 1,5 m / s. The evaporator of the cool-produsing unit is of stainless steel, the diameter of the rib pipe amounts to 20 mm, the spacing is 4 mm.

The equipment package of the climatic unit includes a smoke generator with the mode of regulating the density of smoke gas. The smoke generator is equipped with the modern three-stage system of protection against ignition. The climatic installations for initial maturation and smoking  are equipped with the system of automatic cleaning.